What is ‘WATCH MAN’?

It is an electronic device which operates the pump automatically when water is required for the overhead tank and after filling up the overhead tank the pump will automatically stop, No manual attention is required.

How is it Possible?

With the help of two sensors which are detached from wall of the tank and fixed inside overhead tank, one is for lower level and other is for upper level (just below the over flow pipe). When the water detach from the lower sensor, the pump will start and when the water touch the upper level sensor the pump will stop automatically.

Is ‘WATCHMAN' work for submersible pump?

Yes, it can be installed for any type of pump either it is submersible, mono block or any other type. Is 'WATCHMAN’ operating the pump, while the underground tank is empty? No, it will not operate, it will stop the operation instantly and no chances of blowing wind in to the suction pipe of the underground tank.

Is WATCHMAN' applicable for 3 phase motor?

Yes, it is applicable for single phase motor as well as 3 phase motor for any horse power.

Where 'WATCHMAN' will be installed?

WATCHMAN1 may be installed at any convenient place of building but it is easy to install beside the switch or starter of the motor as it helps to operate the same.

How long WATCHMAN' will run properly?

Watchman will run year after year without any problem, though we give a warranty for 12 months from the date of installation and free service after the warranty period.

Whether the device has any maintenance factor?

As there is an in-built arrangement, no question of salt deposition and rusting problem on the probe and so there is no maintenance factor like other makes. It is totally maintenance free device which is time tested and 100% assured with full responsibility.

What is the solution where water is supplied by one pump to more than one building?

In this case, Watchman will be installed with in-built hooter system in each and every building which will show the level of water of overhead tank either the tank is empty or full, by sounding hooter with lighting signal. And the manual operator will operate the valve of pump accordingly. Alternatively it can be installed for more than one building where the pump will start when any one of the overhead tank is empty, and the pump will stop when all the overhead tanks are full of water. Alternatively Watchman can be installed without any Manpower involvement .i.e. fully automatic. In this arrangement the Watchman will be installed at pump house in such a way, so that the pump will start only when any one overhead tank will empty and the pump will stop while all tanks will full of water.

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